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Attention Difficulties

Attention Difficulties

Many of our young people experience difficulties in attention and concentration, including those with a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.  These pupils are typically more easily distracted and may ‘switch off’ and disengage from learning more easily.


These young people benefit from a high level of practical and hands-on activity which is planned to engage a wide range of learners.  We limit the length of time pupils are expected to either sit still or remain on one task by carefully planning the timetable and lessons.


Young people gradually develop the confidence to ask for support or clarification instead of ‘switching off’ and smaller group size means that they can access individual support to help them stay on task or focus at an early stage before problems occur. 


A positive approach and inclusive ethos means that young people are not ‘blamed’ for their attention difficulties but are gradually helped to take responsibility for managing their own learning.