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Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC / ASD)

Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC / ASD)

Including Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, High Functioning Autism

Autism-friendly approaches are promoted throughout the school and all staff are trained to meet the needs of young people on the autism spectrum.  Within our school, some young people with ASC’s are well catered for within the main body of the school and their needs are met through whole school approaches and staff training. 


Where needed pupils will access additional ASC enhanced elements to the curriculum which will often include social communication groups offered as a block during the school year. 


Other young people on the autism spectrum require a more differentiated environment and approach.  For these young people we currently have an enhanced provision of 2 classes within its own annexe where young people are taught a modified curriculum enhanced with a range of additional interventions addressing wider needs eg weekly social communication group, fine motor skills activities, relaxation, sensory sessions as planned by the ASD coordinator  who teaches the lower ASD class. 


Staff within the enhanced provision have a high level of training and experience in meeting the specific needs of this group of pupils. 


Pupils have access to dedicated ‘quiet areas’ and have a higher level of pastoral support and guidance reflected in the timetable.


We now also have the opportunity for high functioning pupils in KS3 and KS4 to access an accredited GCSE timetable within school.  This is a new part of the provision, and we are developing this to ensure that pupils on the autism spectrum who access this academic route will also experience the ASC specific enhancements which they need to ensure they develop fully as young people with social, communication and life skills to support their next steps. 


The high functioning class is also open to students not on the autism spectrum who need to follow a GCSE curriculum at Hare Law – this may be because of progress they have made here, or because other difficulties have prevented them from accessing this in mainstream school.