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Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC / ASD)

Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC / ASD)

Including Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, High Functioning Autism

Autism-friendly approaches are promoted throughout the school and all staff are trained to meet the needs of young people on the autism spectrum.  Within our school, some young people with ASC’s are well catered for within the main body of the school and their needs are met through whole school approaches and staff training. 


Where needed pupils will access additional ASC enhanced elements to the curriculum which will often include social communication groups offered as a block during the school year. 


Other young people on the autism spectrum require a more differentiated environment and approach.  For these young people we  have  enhanced provision where young people are taught an appropriate curriculum enhanced with a range of additional interventions addressing wider needs eg  social communication groups, fine motor skills activities, relaxation, sensory sessions as identifed via EHCPs and/or pastoral staff.

Staff within the enhanced provision have a higher level of training and experience to meet the specific needs of this group of pupils. 


Pupils have access to dedicated ‘quiet areas’ and have a higher level of pastoral support and guidance via small groups and additional staff where required. 


High functioning pupils will have access to an appropriately accredited KS4 curriculum which will be personalised to promote achievement. 


Many of our pupils with ASCs experience significant problems with anxiety which can present a barrier to achievement. 

School provides support through the 'Bridge' provision and through pastoral staff. We offer a counselling service in school, and pupils are encouraged to take increasing responsiblity for their own well-being by accessing sensory or relaxation activities, or use of other strategies such as 'time out' space for which they are encouraged to take increasing ownership.