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Curriculum Overview

The New National Curriculum at Croft Community School

As you know at Croft we study the National Curriculum appropriately modified in terms of pace and content to make it accessible and meaningful to our pupils.


Some pupils in school will make progress at a similar pace to their main stream peers but may need to access the curriculum in a modified way (for instance pupils with autism who do not have a learning delay).  For others progress is significantly slower than their main stream peers, or may be so in some areas of the curriculum and not others.


Our aim is for all pupils to make good progress from their different starting points, and to ensure all pupils access a curriculum which is meaningful, relevant and will support their progress and future life choices.


You may have heard that the National Curriculum has been significantly reviewed and that the new curriculum comes into force this autumn term (2014).  In preparation for this subject leaders have been working on new programmes of study and policies.  We are also reviewing our current assessment procedures to reflect the new programmes.


Our priority over the summer has been to get the new curriculum in place and evaluate how we can make it interesting, enjoyable, relevant and engaging for our pupils.  This term we are working on policies and assessment formats to support this.


As our new curriculum is embedded over the coming two terms you will see more documentation being added to the new ‘CURRICULUM’ area of our web site.