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Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being

For many young people, emotional and behavioural difficulties are closely associated with their learning difficulties. 


Pupils have typically experienced poor self esteem, low confidence, social isolation and anxiety – some of our pupils have a history of school avoidance and some have resorted to behavioural strategies to avoid academic challenges which have proved too much for them.


For the vast majority, the move into a special school is very positive; confidence, self esteem, improved attendance and increased happiness quickly follows.


Nevertheless we are aware that many of our pupils remain vulnerable, and a strong focus on care and guidance remains at the heart of the provision at Croft.


Positive relationships are key to supporting our pupils; staff are vigilant and use the safeguarding systems which are robust in support vulnerable young people. 


We offer a range of therapeutic interventions to support pupils including Play Therapy, Counselling, Relax Kids, Yoga, Bowen Therapy and Reiki. 


The Bridge provision supports vulnerable pupils through tailored interventions.