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Global Delay / Developmental Delay

Global Delay / Developmental Delay

This describes a child or young person who is developing at a slower rate than mainstream peers.  It suggests that development across the board is likely to be affected – these pupils have often reached developmental milestones later and may gradually fall further behind mainstream peers.  Associated with moderate learning difficulties.


Pupils benefit from our smaller classes, a curriculum which includes statutory subjects but is differentiated (adapted to suit different learners) in terms of pace, content and delivery.


This means we might simplify, break down into smaller steps or present learning in different ways which often means more practical and hands-on activities, and frequent opportunities to revisit and practice new skills and concepts.


Classes are typically around 12 pupils, and have access to an LSA (learning support assistant) who stays with the class as they go from lesson to lesson.  In Year 7 teaching is on a ‘primary model’ where the class are taught for around 50% of their lessons by one teacher in their pastoral base.  As pupils progress to year 8 they experience more subject specialist teaching, and in year 9 access a subject specialist curriculum similar to mainstream secondary school.