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Partnerships with Parents

Working with Parents, Carers and Families

At Croft Community School we know how important it is to work in partnership to support pupils.


When pupils come to Croft Community School it is often a long and sometimes stressful period of assessment, discussions, decisions and soul-searching.  It can take a while before pupils and families can begin to feel more relaxed and positive about school.


We realise that coming to our school, where most pupils travel on school transport, means that the opportunity to chat at school, whether to staff or other families, is missing.  We don't want families to feel isolated or detached from school life because of this, so we encourage families to take full advantage of the opportunities we create to come into school to meet us and each other.


For some families, transport is a barrier to attending events in school - if this is the case please get in touch with Jude Hawthorn (School Business Manager) and we will try to support where we can.


An important area of working in partnership is promoting and improving attendance - please always let us know if your child is unable to attend school on any given day, and do not hesitate to let us know if there are any problems getting your child in to school.


We do not have a Parent Support Advisor at present, but we do hope to have one in the future.  In the meantime all staff are here to help or signpost you to the right place for help and support in any area which affects the well-being of your pupils.


If you have something to discuss, you are always welcome into school for a chat - if possible, please ring beforehand to arrange a time, this means staff have enough time to talk properly.  Pastoral staff are always happy to talk with families on the phone - again, it's helpful to check with office staff first to make sure we find a good time to talk.


We hold parents' evenings termly and parents and carers also have a central role to play in pupils' annual reviews.


We also have regular events in school where we can meet with parents more informally and where parents get a chance to catch up with each other.


Please check out the 'Parents' section of our website for more information.