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Residential Visits

Residential Visits

All pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit whilst at Croft Community School – and many will go again and again!


We believe strongly that this provides an important part of pupils’ personal and social development and parents often tell us how much their child’s independence skills improve during their stay.


Visits are usually around three days in length although this can vary for different groups and venues.


We aim to provide an exciting and challenging programme where children will experience memorable new activities and have lots of fun!  We work in partnership with various organisations where we access specialist skills such as climbing, water activities etc.


We have found it very effective to look for local venues and providers, meaning that additional staff can easily travel up for day or night time support.  We always check our providers thoroughly and all are compliant with our rigorous safety and supervision and safeguarding requirements.


Our own staff always accompany pupils, and we are very grateful for the time they give up to do this.


We usually plan a Key Stage 4 trip in the summer once exams and course work is out of the way, and this is often a lovely celebration for our Year 11 group before they leave us. 


Key Stage 2 pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a shorter residential trip.


We try to keep costs as low as possible and where we can, we source additional funding to subsidise visits.  It is always possible to pay in installments.


We will try to support any family having problems in order that as many pupils as possible can access these opportunities.