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Transition in to Croft Community School

Supporting Transition in to Croft Community School


We understand that moving to a new school is a big challenge, and that making the decision about a change of school can be a difficult time for families.


We encourage families to visit Croft at an early stage while they are considering the best option for their child.  Families may need to make several visits, and may prefer not to include their child at first as this can be unsettling.  We know hat families always need a lot of support at this time, and are happy to discuss the options.


We always recommend that families seek support and guidance from:

Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

Lee House
Lee Terrace
Easington Village
Co Durham

Tel: 0191 5873541 or 03000 267007


Transition from local schools (often but not always in Y6 -Y7)

Through the local Community of Learning (COL) we employ a transition support worker.  Rachel Rockett has had this role for several years.  Rachel works on transition into both Croft and Tanfield School, and this reflects our long and strong tradition of working together to support pupils in our area.


She works on a rolling annual programme, getting to know and supporting pupils in their current settings (in this case mainstream schools within the COL), meeting with staff and parents to gain as much information and understanding about pupils as possible, sharing this with staff at Croft, and accompanying pupils on a programme of visits during the summer term.


In September Rachel works with the pupils in Croft and Tanfield where she becomes part of the team supporting and helping pupils to settle and flourish.


In the spring term the programme of mainstream visits begins again.


Pupils from out of the local area

We work with settings and with families to arrange programmes of transition visits for all pupils joining us at Croft.


We make every effort to connect with pupils and their families and help them to feel welcome and secure about their transition to Croft – we recognise that this is a stressful time for families and we will ‘go the extra mile’ to make sure it is successful.


Information about pupils

Wherever we can we work directly with other schools and settings to gain a good understanding of the needs and strengths of individual pupils.  This includes attending Annual Review meetings prior to transition, and visiting pupils in their current settings.


All pupils have a Care Plan drawn up by parents, the school and overseen by our school nurse,  to ensure we have the right information to manage your child’s personal care and medical needs to our very high standards.


We do not have a school nurse on the staff, but work closely with the school nurses on health promotion and education, and in looking after the health and medical needs of our pupils. 


Induction day

Towards the end of the summer term we have an induction day where all pupils move into their new classes and new pupils join us for a short day, including lunch when appropriate.  We know that many mainstream schools have a longer induction period, but we have found that one day is the right length of time for our pupils to manage without unsettling them too much just before the summer break.


Reception pupils

We operate a phased entry for reception pupils as we find this promotes a better and more positive start for these very young children.  This is as follows:


Week 1 and 2       9.00 – 12.00

Week 3 and 4       9.00 – 1.00 (staying for lunch)

Week 5 and 6       9.00 – 2.00

Week 7 onwards   9.00 – 3.00 (full time - providing pupils are settled and coping well, and families are happy)


For short days individual transport arrangements need to be negotiated with School Transport – the Head Teacher will support and advise.