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Vision and Values

Our vision


Our school vision is “That every individual is valued and is given the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their best.”


We want to achieve this so that every individual can become an active, happy and fulfilled citizen in the world.


To achieve our vision, our aims are:

  • To provide pupil-centred curriculum and pastoral support
  • To provide the Highest Possible Outcomes for vulnerable learners
  • To integrated therapy to the core work of the school.
  • To foster a positive mindset in pupils and staff
  • To provide security in emotional well-being


This will be achieved by

  • Teaching and learning will be creative, relevant, challenging and enjoyable ensuring that everyone learns and develops.
  • The curriculum will be flexible, imaginative and relevant ensuring equality of opportunity for all children, ensuring development of key skills.
  • We will provide quality care that is appropriate and consistent, in a safe and secure environment, for all individuals.
  • Assessment will recognise attainment and achievement, whilst providing opportunities for teaching teams, parents and children to plan the next steps in academic and personal development
  • A partnership based on our shared vision will be sought with parents, carers, governors and the community through effective communication, team work and by valuing all contributions.
  • Croft Community School will ensure that ‘Every Child Matters’ by providing a safe, positive, caring and nurturing environment, where the individual is celebrated.