LMI Bulletin

Click the link for the latest LMI Bulletin. https://www.supportinginspiration.org.uk/ne/lmi-bulletin-issue-462   In this week’s Prospects for hospitality and retail work in Hexham with redevelopment work Potential job losses at Port of Tyne Recruitment announcements DWP recruiting Work Coaches Labour Market update Durham Insight – public accessible data on employment trends Careermap publications   Regards   LMI

LMI Bulletin

Click the link for the latest LMI Bulletin.   https://www.supportinginspiration.org.uk/ne/lmi-bulletin-issue-461 In this week’s ONS update on the labour market Recruitment of ex-offenders Government Plan for Jobs announcements Returning to schools and colleges CDI guidance Parents and Carers Pack Post 16 and Post 18 updates on the National Careers Service site Regards   LMI

LMI Bulletin.

Click the link for the latest LMI Bulletin.   https://www.supportinginspiration.org.uk/ne/lmi-bulletin-issue-460 In this week’s Job prospects in hospitality and engineering New NELEP Chair Study on changing jobs Self-employment Where is it hardest to find a job?   Regards   LMI

LMI Bulletin Issue 459

Click the link for the latest LMI Bulletin.   https://www.supportinginspiration.org.uk/ne/lmi-bulletin-issue-459   In this week’s Job prospects in Seaham and Redcar Protection of work at the BT call centre in Newcastle Vacancy update – increase in vacancies Labour market update   Regards   LMI

LMI Bulletin

Dear All   Click the link for this week’s LMI Bulletin. https://www.supportinginspiration.org.uk/ne/lmi-bulletin-issue-455 In this week’s Job centres looking for staff UK holiday company recruiting Pret A Manger cutting jobs Unitaster website Apprenticeship data shows impact of lockdown Amazing apprenticeship resources Traineeships Labour market commentary Productivity and working from home   Regards   LMI

Daily virtual lessons for children

We’re excited to announce that from Monday 23rd March we’re scheduling Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home. We will release three short Speed Sound lessons with one of our trainers every day for the next two weeks. The films will only be available at the times below: Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30…