Feeding Families and Foodbank

Yesterday, 8H prepared the hampers to be delivered to a local family and the rest of the food was delivered to Annfield Plain Foodbank. Thank you so much for all your donations. The family wanted to pass on a big thank you, we made their Christmas. Thanks to 8H for wrapping and organising the hampers.…

Happy World Children’s Day

In preparation for World Children’s Day, staff sent me photos of themselves when they were younger. This afternoon in enrichment, students and staff played guess the member of staff. Well done to 11V who got 24/27 correct!! 8H had lots of fun guessing. And of course enjoying cake to celebrate such an important day.

Feeding Families

Receive a Christmas Hamper Are you in need of help to feed your family at Christmas? Feeding Families is a small charity in the North East who work to help as many families as possible enjoy the Christmas season without worrying about food. Due to the Covid pandemic this year they expect applications to increase…

World Mental Health Day

Thank you all so much for the donations that are coming into school. For more information about mental health and how to support your child/young person, please check out Young Minds website where there is a free helpline for parents and crisis text messaging service.   https://youngminds.org.uk/contact-us/

Self-Care September

Article 31- Children have the right to relax   Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Just a reminder about September’s Self-Care Calendar. Try this out as a family – a little activity each day. It is even more important to be kind to yourself during these tough times.   Remember: self-care is not…