My favourite film

My favourite film is Sully because it can teach you that if you do become a pilot or any job you do, you can be right. If somebody says you have done wrong and you have done right and it puts you down, don’t let it, you have done your best and that is all…

Recent Events

After the half-term break we have been taking part in many different events. For remembrance day we organised a traveling shop that would come round the classes and sell poppy themed items. For anti-bullying week we are taking part in odd sock day.

Our new lunch area

One week into our election of head students we were asked to provide a idea of what the year 11 students wanted in a special area for them. Within a weeks time we were provided with the suitable request we had asked for. The new area is now in use with the foldable pool set…

Sharing the Load

Due to the fact I am out of school some mornings, Orhan and I have come to an agreement. Orhan will deal with the participation of sports club in the morning, while I manage this blog. Sports Club was made because of the crowded area in the computer club. As a result of this we…

Meet The Head Students

Hello we are the Head Students at Croft Community School. Our names are Logan and Orhan. We were selected by our peers to represent them, our school, and create and make this blog. We will be updating this blog regularly with events happening in school and any other news we need to share.