Farming Fortnight: Farming Friday

Today is our last day on the farm with countyside classroom. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know about all the different aspects of farming and its demands Today we consider everything that we have learned over the last few weeks in Farming Friday.   Happy farming Friday Mrs Henderson  

Farming Fortnight: Future Farming

We all need food, but producing food in the future is going to be a real challenge. With population growth, the effects of climate change and the desire to produce more food in a sustainable way, the challenge is real. The agriculture industry needs bright, well educated, practical and passionate young people to take on…

Farming Fortnight: Woolly Wednesday

Now then farmers…….. Old Mrs Henderson managed to ‘muck up’ Wednesday’s! Last week was supposed to be Woolly Wednesday and this week Welly Wednesday but never mind. They both begin with ‘W’ and fit nicely in with Wednesday so……… Today we celebrate Woolly Wednesday. I wonder if you can guess what today’s focus is? Take…

Farming fortnight: Tasty Tuesday

  Today we are all about vegetable production …………….Tasty Tuesday! It looks as though our friends at Countryside Classroom are getting a bit over excited with huge powerpoints and lengthy video clips so for the rest of the week, like yesterday, we will post you the links each day. Just copy and paste into your…

Noticing nature: Week 8

Hi Everyone We are coming to the end of our noticing nature focus with this being the next to last mindful focus. This week we are looking at spending 20 minutes or more in mindful practice but with the weather being a little unpredictable – every minute counts. With big friendliness, Mrs Henderson