How The Birds Got Their Colours

Today for our English lesson we practiced our performance of the play ‘How the birds got their colours’. The children experienced why tone and the importance of performing is needed for acting in a play. We had a practice with performing the play and we did it without our play scripts! We started to understand…

Felt life

Yesterday we had so much fun practicing out felt making skills. We had to pull apart the materials and we had to Warp and Weft the material to ensure it would turn into felt. We practiced our creativity and made some patterns on the felt.

The force of Gravity!

Today in our Science lesson Mr Winn came in and told us all about what happened to Sir Isaac Newton when he was sat under the tree. We practiced key vocabulary with physical demonstrations that helped us identify the difference between them! We had developed knowledge on edifying theories such as Sir Isaac Newton’s theory…

Features of a Play Script

Today in our English lesson we developed our knowledge on features of a play script. We got into pairs and worked as a team to identify and discuss the features of a play script. We identified Scene numbers and title, setting description, speakers name, stage directions in brackets, speech without inverted commas and will be…

To know features of a play script!

Today we practiced the features of a play script. We did this by identifying the Narrator and characters and the speaking parts of a play called ‘How the birds got their colours’. We went through and identified how a play-script was different to a story by identifying acting and characters personalities within a play-script.


Over the holidays we received a special thankyou from the people`s kitchen for the donations we collected just before the Christmas holidays. Thanks again to those people that sent in donations, they were very much appreciated.

Changes in Materials

This morning we have been doing a practice lesson of seeing the changes in materials, and reversible and irreversible changes. We used filters with sand and water to see the difference between a soluble liquid and were able to see how the sand doesn’t filter through when there is water applied. We also saw how…