Christmas Advent (Article 12,14, 15,23,28,31) 80

The children in 80 thought it would be a nice idea to make an advent calendar to give out acts of kindness rather than receiving a treat. All the children shared ideas and wrote them on the back of a number.  Each day a name was randomly picket out of the tub and the pupil picked the act of kindness that they had to deliver throughout that day.  Some of the acts were  telling a friend a joke, saying a lovely morning greeting, keeping the door open for others, give a compliment to another person and help with cleaning at school and at home.  In return the pupils had the choice to receive a dojo point or a small chocolate treat.  From the words of Bobby Rockett “Christmas is not all about getting it’s about giving and being kind”.

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Festive Enrichment with 8H

8H enjoyed a well deserved enrichment this afternoon. It was festive themed and they loved making their own hot chocolate as part of life skills work and making their own Christmas crafts. Well done 8H it has been a lovely afternoon! Miss Herkes

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Congratulations Head Students 2020-21!

Over the last week our school has taken part in an election to appoint two Head Students for 2020-21. Our three candidates from Y11 (Jazmine Henderson, Jacob Keeler and Emily Smith) gave a presentation to their fellow students (via TEAMS) about why they should be chosen and took part in an question and answer session. Students then cast their votes for their chosen representatives.

All three candidates did an amazing job and all of the staff were extremely proud of them.

Our two winners were Jazmine Henderson 11V and Emily Smith 11M.

Well done to both girls who will go on to represent Croft Community School and their fellow students until they leave us in the summer.

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