Anti – Bullying week

Hazel class spoke about bullying and what makes us a good friend today.

We shared a PowerPoint and discussed what bulling meant.

Hazel class then went on to make posters about themselves and what makes them a good friend.

The pupils in class have demonstrated different ways of being a good friend.



Helping each other, listening, sharing, playing together and taking turns.







Hazel class are working hard to set a good example to the rest of the school.


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Children in Need 8O, Articles 8,15,23,24,2531

80 did amazing work during our Children in Need activities. They watched  a video to see what children were in need and what different charities who support them have done in the past.  All the children designed a T- shirt which was judged by the staff. Even though everyone worked extremely hard on their design’s. The staff judging gave a T- shirt to the best four in which they transferred their design on to make them their very own.

“I just wanted to go with a different concept to make it feel like a real woolly jumper”

By Isaac Walton


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When Pudsey made Hazel Class into superheroes!

Today Pudsey set Hazel Class a special mission.

They had to complete some special tasks before we could become Pudsey superheroes.











Together as a class we spoke about Children in Need and completed our Children in Need exercises with Joe Wicks.

After we made some Pudsey pictures and some yummy biscuits.













Finally becoming Pudsey superheroes!

Happy Friday everyone, stay safe!



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RWI in Hazel Class

Each morning Hazel class enjoy waking their hands up with dough gym.

We put on our favourite song and complete fine motor exercises before we start Read Write Inc.











We then recap saying the letter sounds we have already learnt before introducing our new letter sound.


Finally we finish with some handwriting and spellings.

Well done Hazel Class keep up the hard work!

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Outdoor Learning with Hazel Class!

Today Hazel class explored the outdoor learning area.

We collected some sticks to dry out ready for our campfire next week.





Some of the pupils thought it would be funny to collect really big sticks so Mrs Convery could make a bonfire.






Hazel class then explored the different areas of the outdoor learning area and finished with a game of hide and seek.










We can’t wait to go on another adventure next week.


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